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Lion 600 Alcolmeter Breathalyzer

Lion 600 Alcolmeter Breathalyzer

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A multi-function breath alcohol analysis instrument, with advanced data-logging.

The wholly new lion alcolmeter® 600 is a powerful tool for use in road traffic law enforcement, commercial health and safety programs, and in various areas of medicine.

  • Data Logging Function
  • Multi-Samplin Modes
  • Integral GPS
  • Touch Screen Display System

This is the latest and top of the range breathalyser from Lion. The Alcolmeter 600 is the most thorough breathalyzer available. It has a full touch screen with easy to understand icons making it free from language barriers. Its most outstanding feature is its data logging ability. This is the ability to take in information associated to the test such as the test subjects name, surname and ID number as well as the operators ID number. All extremely useful for record keeping and statistical presentations.

Advanced Data Logging Function - use the icon-driven, touch-screen display system, or the navigation pad, to enter data relating to the test, for storage and printout.

Multi-Sampling Modes -

Active - using a mouthpiece, for accurate measurement of the subject’s alcohol level; or using a sampling cup for a quick precursory test, just to see if alcohol is present.

Passive - hold the 600 in front of the subject’s mouth and press the Sample button when they speak. Within seconds the display shows whether alcohol is present or not.

Container Testing - check a suspect fluid or container for the possible presence of illicitly added alcohol.

Fast Response and Recovery Times - after sampling the alcohol reading is shown within seconds. Then after just a short wait the instrument is ready to test the next subject.

GPS Function [optional feature] - the exact location [to within 10 meters] of every breath test is recorded in memory.

Data Logging Function
Use the touch-screen display system to enter details relevant to each breath test into the instrument’s memory. From there it can later be downloaded to a host PC, for statistical analysis in various management functions.

Some data is entered by touching the relevant icon, while others are entered using the on-screen keypad.

As an alternative to the touch-screen, the five navigation buttons can be used for data entry instead, if required.

Integral GPS
The 600 incorporates an optional GPS system to record the exact location of each breath test - quickly, accurately and fully automatically. These GPS details are stored in memory and can then be transferred to a PC with the actual breath analysis data, where they can then be analysed using standard mapping software.

This capability enables the User Authority to build up a complete picture of the alcohol problem in their jurisdiction, together with a continuous assessment of the efficiency in its detection and control.

Multi-Breath Sampling Modes
The 600 is perfect for use in Police roadblock operations, or wherever else it is required to test a large number of people for the presence or absence of alcohol - quickly and effectively.

In Passive Mode there is no mouthpiece. Just hold the 600 in front of the subject’s mouth as they speak, then press Sample. The system draws in several samples of breath and determines if alcohol is present [above .05mg/L BrAC, or 0.01% BAC, ONLY].

Alternatively, the subject blows into the re-useable sampling cup. In either way, if no alcohol is present the 600 shows PASS - then quickly resets itself, all fully automatically!

In Active Mode the subject blows through a mouthpiece, to provide a deep lung breath specimen. This is then analysed, to give an accurate reading of the subject’s alcohol level. For ease of mouthpiece attachment at night, the sampling port is illuminated.

In Dual Mode the test starts off in Passive or Precursory operation; but if alcohol is found to be present the system automatically switches to Active Mode


  • Multi-colour touch screen display and keypad
  • Fast Response and Recovery Times
  • 5000 tests memory capacity
  • Simple data logging capability
  • Multiple breath sampling modes
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum performance


  • Lion 600 Breathalyzer Unit
  • Mouthpieces
  • Sampling Cups
  • Nasal Tubes
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