Halfway Houses and Community Home

Halfway Houses and Community Home

We conduct a rehabilitation-focused consultancy program with halfway houses and community homes, that operate with the Singapore Prison Service to provide rehabilitation programs to residents dealing with Substance Abuse and Alcohol. 

Drugs come in different street names. With our expertise, we can supply bespoke drug test kits to cater to the specific drug that needs to be tested. There are 3 types of specimens available for testing of drugs in an individual. 

Hair Testing offers a detection window of up to 6 months, Urine Testing ranges from 1-14 days while Saliva Testing ranges from 0-4 days depending on the drug used, the individual and period of consumption. 

Our clients work with us to discuss various testing methods and we help our clients design a testing program that balances the invasiveness of testing, detection windows, type of training required in order to meet the objectives of the halfway houses and community homes.

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