Global drug and alcohol testing services for background verification (BGV)

Global drug and alcohol testing services for background verification (BGV)

Drug and Alcohol testing are mandatory to increase your organization’s accountability and reduce the risk of accidents. They are the cornerstone to maintaining a drug-free environment. And we can help you better manage your testing efforts.

We have a global network of local collectors to perform urine, oral fluid or hair specimen collection. The specimens are always collected in person by our local specimen collectors in order to maintain proper Chain of Custody. Pre-employment and random testing programs for both instant onsite testing and lab-based GC/MS confirmation testing are also available. 

We perform testing according to the guidelines adopted from the US Dept of Transportation workplace testing 49 CFR Part 40

Our Existing Network includes:

Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangladesh, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Kuwait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, New Taipei City

Istanbul, Israel, Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Portugal, Romania, Hamburg, Warsaw, Budapest, Stockholm, Munich, Dublin, Geneva, Zurich, Solothurn, Copenhagen, Saint-Denis, Frankfurt, Cork, Vrilissia, Sainte Colombe, Bratislava, Isaszeg

South America
Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Bogota, Santiago

North America
Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Houston, San Diego, Dallas, Bogota

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Wellington

Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cape Town

Our network is able to collect a range of specimen types including Urine, Fingernail clipping, Hair Follicle Collection, Breath Alcohol Testing (w/confirmation) and Saliva Testing.

Here is the full list of substances that we can detect:

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