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Breathscan Singleshot Test

Breathscan Singleshot Test

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Just test and discard! Pocket-sized, economical and hygienic.

The latest innovation in alcohol testing. Simply peel off the seal and blow into it. When the crystals change to a specific colour, you are above the predetermined alcohol concentration.

Perfect for casual nights out and gifts.

Minimum 250 pieces

BreathScan® is a reliable, single-use, breath alcohol detector. It provides convenient, non-invasive alcohol screening and detection on the job, at home or anywhere you go. Easy to carry and simple to use, and alcohol-specific.

  • O Squeeze Tube To Break Ampoule And Activate The Crystals
  • Blow Through The Tube
  • Get Your Result
If BreathScan® detects the presence of alcohol in an individual’s breath, the crystals will change color.

BreathScan® is the perfect disposable alcohol tester for inclusion in company wellness programs either on its own or as part of larger substance abuse education.

BreathScan® provides you with a portable alcohol testing solution that is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or glove box.

  • FDA Cleared
  • Patented Technology
  • .02 And .08 Alcohol Screening Levels
  • Disposable And Discrete
  • Easy To Use, 4 Simple Steps
  • 2 Minute Response Time
  • Affordable Alcohol Detection System
Product Configurations - Available in either 0.02%BAC or 0.08%BAC Detection Levels.

Note: 0.08%BAC is equilvalent to 0.35mg/l. This is the legal limit in countries like UK, Ireland, and countries in SE Asia.

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