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Alcolizer WM4 Wall Mount Breathalyzer

Alcolizer WM4 Wall Mount Breathalyzer

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The Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 for high volume, fixed point commercial and industrial alcohol breath testing applications. The new Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 delivers the fastest worker turnaround in high-volume testing environments.

  • Efficient, reliable, all day, every day
  • Fast turnaround in high-volume test environments
  • Instant results to Management
  • Configurable to your Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Services by Factory Trained Technicians

Launching on the success of the original Alcolizer Wall Mount, the Wall Mount 4 incorporates innovative and pioneering technology with features providing speed and efficiency for all testing requirements. Alcolizer believes the trusted self recalibration feature is a key benefit for our customers as it offers unrivalled accuracy and reliability from its own internal NATA Certified Gas Standard every 24 hours. The Alcolizer Wall Mount Series 4 continues our long tradition of delivering workplace health and safety solutions.

The stylish, robust Wall Mount 4 will operate 24 hours a day in conditions ranging from-5°C to +40°C. With on-board NATA Certified reference gas and daily auto self-calibration, the WM4 is arguably the most accurate alcohol breath tester, day-in, day-out anywhere in the world. Australian Standards allow Alcolizer to service yearly and still meet AS3547. We can process up to 300 workers an hour with a 1-second response time on a 0 reading.

The WM4 is the only Wall Mount on the market today running unparalleled connectivity options supported “out-of-the-box” with an on-board ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and Customer ProgrammableColour Screen. It has a raft of connectivity options to suit almost every requirement including:-Keypad, Swipe card, WIEGAND, Live Secure Reporting, USB and RS232, just to name a few.

Our Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 is designed to support your Drug and Alcohol testing programs. Configurable to fulfil your program requirements from simple self-test stations and Alcohol test sign-in stations for visitors/contractors through to fully integrated staff management systems. You can set the unit to store your test data, send an email when an exception test occurs, direct your employee should they fail the test, integrate with your site management system and ultimately deliver relevant analysed data live to your desktop and that of your management team.

Alcolizer Alcohol test equipment is Australian-made and fully supported worldwide. We know our equipment is a critical component in ensuring the health and safety of your workers, site visitors and assets. Our AlcoCARE™ program and factory-trained technicians can support your equipment either on-site or back-to-base, whichever is fastest and most cost-effective for you.

This product comes with a warranty.

Product software is available for download.


  • Self-calibrates every 24hrs
  • Instant recovery for zero test
  • Unlimited testing
  • Ethernet interface
  • Australian designed and made
  • RS232 serial ports
  • Manufactured to AS3547
  • 24 months warranty
  • Colour LCD display
  • LAN connectivity in base model
  • Customizable safety and educational messages
  • Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 Breathalyzer
  • 12 months' gas for daily calibration
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