Hair Alcohol Testing Service

Hair Alcohol Testing Service

We understand the importance of reliable and accurate testing in promoting safety and well-being in both personal and professional environments. We provide Hair Alcohol Drug Testing Service, targeting the detection of Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) – a direct biomarker of alcohol consumption.

The hair specimens are always collected in person by our trained technicians in order to maintain proper Chain of Custody. 

What is EtG?
Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) is a metabolite of ethanol and is a standout biomarker for alcohol consumption because it can be detected long after the ethanol has been cleared from the body, providing a longer detection window and making it an excellent indicator of alcohol intake.

Why Choose Hair Alcohol Drug Testing?
Extended Detection Window: Hair specimens can provide an extended detection window for substance use, uncovering patterns of behavior over months, offering a more comprehensive overview of an individual's alcohol use.

Non-Invasive Collection: The collection of hair samples is simple, quick, and non-invasive. 

Low Risk of Tampering: Hair samples are difficult to adulterate, ensuring the integrity of the test results.

Quantitative Analysis: We work with laboratories to provide not only the presence of EtG but also the level, allowing for a quantitative assessment of alcohol use.

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