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AL7000 Alcoscan Sensor Replaceable Breathalyzer

AL7000 Alcoscan Sensor Replaceable Breathalyzer

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No Recalibration is needed. Just purchase a Pre-Calibrated Sensor and replace the worn sensor.

Level of Accuracy suitable for:

  • High-end Consumers
  • Pubs
  • Trucking Companies

The AL7000 is a leading consumer breath alcohol tester. It produces highly consistent readings when users take readings consecutively.

± 0.010%BAC at 0.050%BAC When a person's actual breath alcohol concentration is 0.050%, the AL7000 will always produce a result between 0.060% to 0.040%.


  • High-Quality Semiconductor Sensor
  • No Recalibration- Pre-Calibrated Sensor Modules Available
  • Sensor Cleaning Mechanism activates during power-up
  • Audible warning when high breath alcohol concentration is detected
  • Sensors last at least 300 samples before a replacement is needed
  • The Manufacturer recommends calibration after every 6 months
  • AL7000 Breathalyzer Unit
  • 5 x Free Replaceable and Reusable Mouthpieces
  • User Manual
  • Soft Carrying Pouch and Strap
  • 2 x AA Batteries

Indication of B.A.C.
(Full 3 decimals)
0.000 to 4.000 ‰ or
0.000 to 0.400%BAC or
0.000 to 2.000 mg/l BrAC by LED display
Sensor Semiconductor-type alcohol sensor
Accuracy ±0.010%BAC at 0.050%BAC
Mouthpiece Use
Power Two 1.5V "AA" size alkaline batteries and 12V cigar jack in car
Auto Power off
Weights 103g (Including Batteries)
Dimension(mm) 116 (height) X 50 (width) X 21 (thickness)
Audible warnings 3 steps beep warning of alcohol detection with LED display
Available color Silver
Certificate CE, DOT
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