Lifeloc Certified Provisional Instructor and Master Trainer

Lifeloc Certified Provisional Instructor and Master Trainer

As a provisional Master Trainer certified by Lifeloc, you are authorized to train other employees within your organization and issue proficiency certificates to them. These certificates are granted under the auspices and letterhead of Lifeloc Technologies Inc, based in the USA, as an integral component of their Quality Assurance Program.

Under normal circumstances, calibration is exclusively performed by authorized distributors, due to the significant risk manufacturers assume when allowing third parties to calibrate their equipment. Inaccurate calibration can detrimentally impact the Lifeloc brand and its reputation. Therefore, it is crucial for your organization to have at least one Provisional Master Trainer to ensure that calibrations are conducted expertly, either by yourself or by those whom you have trained.

The training encompasses instruction on the operation and calibration maintenance of the Lifeloc FC20 and the Sentinel devices. It is a comprehensive program expected to last approximately 6 hours and will include both theoretical and practical assessments.

The Master Trainer certificate is valid for two years. Individuals trained by the Provisional Master Trainer will be designated as Certified Lifeloc Operator and Calibration Technicians (C-LOCT).

This course is specifically designed to be cost-effective by reducing the need for external vendor training and to minimize downtime by empowering organizations to conduct on-site calibrations through their trained employees.

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