Lifeloc certified provisional Instructor and master trainer

Lifeloc certified provisional Instructor and master trainer

As a Lifeloc provisional Master Trainer, you are able to train other employees within your organization and issue the proficiency certificates for them. The certificates will be issued under the permission and letterhead of Lifeloc Technologies Inc in the USA as part of their Quality Assurance Program.

In usual circumstances, calibration is only allowed by distributors because the Manufacturer takes a huge risk when they allow 3rd parties to calibrate the equipment. Improper Calibration can adversely affect Lifeloc’s brand and its reputation. It is important that we have at least 1 Provisional Master Trainer in your organization so calibration can be done proficiently by yourself or others within your organization that you have trained. 

During the training, we will train on the operation and calibration maintenance of the Lifeloc FC20 and the Sentinel. The training is expected to take up to 6 hours and includes both theory and practical tests.

The certificate for the Master trainer lasts for 2 years. The people that the Provisional Master Trainer trains are known as Certified Lifeloc Operator and Calibration Technician (C-LOCT). 

This course was specially designed to save money on training by external vendors and enable organizations to eliminate downtime by having their own employees to perform onsite calibration. 

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