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ALCOSCAN EBS-010 (Entrance Breathalyzer System)

ALCOSCAN EBS-010 (Entrance Breathalyzer System)

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ALCOSCAN EBS-010 (Entrance Breathalyzer System) is the Fuel cell alcohol sensor breathalyzer for gate locking.

No Recalibration is needed. Just purchase a Pre-Calibrated Sensor and replace worn sensor

Fuel cell sensor technology

Provide 2 test results. Pass and fail.

Level of Accuracy suitable for Mid to high-end Workplace Testing, Prisons, Hospitals

The Alcoscan EDS-010 is one of the latest product in the Alcoscan line of products which combines security features (lock or unlocking) with alochol tests.  It uses a high-quality fuel cell sensor to ensure highly accurate readings. It produces highly consistent readings when users take readings consecutively. This distinguishes itself with the below features-

Onboard Memory that stores up to 500 sets of results.

2 Different results - Pass or Fail

  • A ''Pass'' result grants user access to the locked room/area. Pass is set to below 0.01% B.A.C
  • A "Fail'' result denied user access to the locked room/area. Failed is set to  0.01% B.A.C  and above
  • Pass or Fail result gauge can be customised to suit specific country's alcohol consumption regulations.
  • Fuel Cell sensor
  • No Recalibration- Pre-Calibrated Sensor Modules Available
  • Onboard memory
  • No mouthpieces required
  • Sensors last at least 1,000 samples before a replacement is needed 
*The Manufacturer recommends calibration after every 12 months*

*When used according to the guidelines set out in the manual.


  • EBS-010 Breathalyzer Unit (fitted with a pre-calibrated sensor)
  • Power cables for installation of unit
Note that additional replaceable Sensor is sold separately and not part of the package.
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