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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS)

SAF’IR™ Evolution Infrared Breath Alcohol Tester With Printer

SAF’IR™ Evolution Infrared Breath Alcohol Tester With Printer

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Handheld infrared spectrometry alcohol tester.

Infrared technology provides the highest level of accuracy among all alcohol breath testing technologies.

OIML and LNE certified.

Recommended for Law Enforcement applications.

The SAF'IR breath alcohol tester is an evidential breathalyzer that uses Infrared Spectrometry Technology to give the highest level of accuracy. It features an intuitive user interface and a long battery life which can be extended with a 12V car adapter. Infrared Spectrometry is extremely specific and only detects alcohol. Unlike other technologies, it instantly displays the results after each test without the need to 'analyse' the breath sample. Infrared technology has a quick start-up time independent of the previous measured alcohol concentration.

Infrared Spectrometry is the most sophisticated breath alcohol testing technology available. It is commonly used by Law Enforcement agencies to provide evidential level results to be used in Courts. The SAR'IR Evolution is probably the only handheld infrared breath testing device.

Powerful menu allows the user to customise the print-out and unlocks many other useful features.

Over 3200 time-stamped events could be stored in the built-in memory.

Software enables the user to upload the test results to a computer for storage and processing.

Diabetic-friendly Infrared technology ignores the presence of eliminates the false positives common with other sensor technologies such as semiconductor sensors.

Bluetooth Printing does not require line of sight while instantly printing test results.


  • Infrared spectrometry technology
  • Hand-held device
  • Comes with Software and Bluetooth Printer
  • Feature-rich menu
  • Large memory storage
  • Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Achieved OIML R 126 Certification
  • Made in Canada


  • SAF'IR Infrared Breath Alcohol Tester
  • NiMH Battery pack
  • AC Charger
  • DC Charger
  • 25 Mouthpieces
  • Mobile Thermal Printer
  • 2 Rolls of Printer Paper
  • AC Charger for Printer
  • Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Professional Carry Case
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