ExxonMobil Drug & Alcohol Test Service

ExxonMobil Drug & Alcohol Test Service

We are the provider of drug and alcohol testing and approved vendor by ExxonMobil.

Drug Screening Test
We utilize POCT test kits for drug screening, which can detect the 9 panels required by Exxon. The results are instant and reports are available on the same day.

Alcohol Screening Test
In the area of Alcohol testing, we are a certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) and Master Trainer by Lifeloc Technologies. Lifeloc Technologies is a US-based company that manufactures Alcohol testers and is in the conforming product list of Evidential Breathalyzer published by the US Dept of Transportation. In the area of drug testing, we are trained as a Certified collector by DATIA in the US and we have both the collection site and the skilled manpower to conduct drug testing. We currently collect urine specimens for the purpose of drug testing around the world. In 2020, we have done 300+ collections in 32 countries. We also work with SAMHSA-accredited labs including Quest Diagnostics, Alere, and Medtox for confirmatory testing using GC/MS. We also help HSA perform screening and urine specimen collection for workplace testing.

Drug Confirmatory Test
We send all non-negative screening specimens to Quest Laboratories Inc in the USA. The data you have provided is the same ones that Quest tests for. This is done in the USA. Results are available only when Quest has tested the specimens with GC/MS and it varies from 1-3 weeks depending on Quest’s workload. While the confirmatory drug test result is non-instant, we will issue a non-negative screening report for the customer to inform that the employee has neither passed nor failed the drug testing and should not enter the worksite.

Alcohol Confirmatory Test
We use the US Dept of Transportation Evidential breathalyzer FC-20BT kit produced by Lifeloc Inc. In the USA. This is done in Singapore. Results are instant and reports are available on the same day.

Our service hours are flexible and we can perform pre-employment testing during our standard hours of 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, with additional options for after-hours, weekends, and public holidays at an additional cost.

For random and reasonable suspicion testing as a Third Party Administrator/Consortium (TPA/C), we can provide testing services anytime, including public holidays, after office hours, and weekends.

For post-accident testing, we offer 24/7 service, with our team typically arriving at the location within 100 minutes during a workday or 2-3 hours during public holidays, after office hours, and on weekends

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