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EASYCAL G2 Automatic Calibration Station

EASYCAL G2 Automatic Calibration Station

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EASYCAL G2 will lower your calibration gas usage, improve record-keeping and eliminate the risk of operator errors associated with performing incorrect calibrations, cal-checks and subsequent breath tests. And like your Lifeloc Breath Tester, EASYCAL G2 is engineered with Lifeloc accuracy and reliability.

EASYCAL G2 is compatible with all of Lifeloc's currently manufactured breath alcohol testers.

For Law Enforcement and Corrections EASYCAL G2 offers affordable and reliable remote or centralized PBT calibration. Equipment calibration activities can be standardized across many instruments and many operators. Benefits include reduced back and forth shipping costs, automated record keeping, less equipment downtime, and peace of mind for prosecutors that each and every device is automatically checked and performs to the same high standard.

In DOT and Workplace Evidential Breath Testing, EASYCAL G2 improves productivity and compliance in the field or office. Required monthly or event-based calibration checks are performed properly and promptly every time. Simplified operations mean fewer chances for error, less risk of compliance issues and higher client and employee satisfaction.*

International Lifeloc users can now control their entire breath alcohol testing operations. Because your breath alcohol testers never need to leave your operation you instantly reduce your training expense, freight costs, paperwork, service charges and breathalyzer downtime.


  • Automatic one-touch calibration and calibration checks
  • Large colour touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Intuitive operation
  • No computer or additional equipment required
  • Utilizes ID enabled tanks that automatically read and store tank value, expiration date and lot code
  • Reduces gas usage versus manual cal/cal-checks
  • Faster calibrations and checks than the competition
  • Automatically tracks gas cylinder expiry, volume and flow rate management
  • Device Serial Numbers are read and stored with each event
  • Security allows you to assign, enable or disable users and passwords
  • All Lifeloc currently manufactured EBTs and PBTs DOT approved with optional EASYCAL G2 device*
  • Made in USA

Price does not include shipping of gas cylinder

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