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Lion 500P (With Printer Combination) Alcolmeter Breathalyzer

Lion 500P (With Printer Combination) Alcolmeter Breathalyzer

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The Lion 500P Alcometer Breathalyser has all the features of the standard Police issue Lion 500 but also offers the ability to link to a portable printer. This is a superb device, very easy to use, offering evidential results. The Lion 500P is the most cost effective UK Home Office-approved device on the market today.

  • Auto power off
  • Flow Check Technology
  • Error Sensing Technology
  • Battery Low Indication

Whilst the price of the Lion 500P including printer may seem expensive, consider the cost involved of an employee suspended/dismissed on the results of a 'consumer' grade breathalyzer which is not Home Office approved and the results from which do not stand up in a tribunal.

The costs to your business could be substantial if a dismissal is deemed unfair - A Lion Police Grade, Home Office Approved device will give you peace of mind and will stand up to the most severe scrutiny - proven!

Easy Breath Sampling
- using a low-cost disposable mouthpiece, for simple, hygienic operation

Lion Fuel Cell Sensor
- for the fast yet accurate quantification of the subject’s breath alcohol level

Large, Clear Readout
- the test procedure and alcohol reading are shown in an easy-to-use graphics display system

- produces multiple, tamper-proof copies of the alcohol reading, with date and time; plus
spaces for operator and subject details and location to be entered by hand

- every breath test record is stored in memory, and can be downloaded to a PC for analysis

Both breathalyser and printer are housed in a small, lightweight carrying case, to produce a low-cost, small analytical go-anywhere system for on-the-spot evidential breath analysis [subject to local specification and regulations permitting].


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Foolproof technology
  • Used for Medical Applications
  • Fuel cell sensor


  • Lion alcolmeter® 500 instrument
  • Rechargeable printer
  • Printer charger unit
  • 2 spare printer rolls [thermal]
  • 10 disposable mouthpieces
  • User Handbook
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