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Lifeloc FC20BT GK Kit (Dry Gas and Printer included) DOT Approved Evidential Breathalyzer

Lifeloc FC20BT GK Kit (Dry Gas and Printer included) DOT Approved Evidential Breathalyzer

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The DOT-approved FC20BT Evidential Breathalyzer can measure Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) at ± 0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC. This version has been enhanced to include wireless Bluetooth communications. Using Bluetooth technology you can connect your FC20BT to printers, keyboards, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Dry Gas canister and Wireless Thermal Printer included. Perfect for those wanting to perform their own calibration and accuracy check of the FC20.

Level of Accuracy suitable for

  • Workplace testing
  • Police
  • Mines
  • Schools
  • Hospitals


  • U.S. DOT (NHTSA) conforming product
  • Factory synched Bluetooth printer and keyboard (when purchasing a kit)
  • 33' Bluetooth connectivity
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission
  • Blue LED communication indicator
  • Automatic, Manual and Passive sampling modes
  • Auto-adjusting backlit LCD for excellent day or night visibility
  • EasyTab™ mouthpiece eliminates operator contact with wet-end of mouthpiece
  • Breath flow directed away from the operator
  • Fastest response and recovery times in the industry
  • Easy to understand user prompts step the operator through each test
  • Audible and Graphical breath flow and BAC level indicators
  • Exceptional battery life provides up to 6,000 tests: rechargeable or standard
  • 1" platinum fuel cell
  • 4000 Test Memory
  • Advanced security features such as password protection
  • Real-time clock for time and date stamping
  • Patented Lifeloc sampling and measurement algorithms
  • Popular international language options and units of measure available
  • Keyboard option for easy data entry
  • Automatic calibration, calibration verification and record retention when used with Lifeloc EASYCAL® station
  • Computer interface and remote diagnostics using AlcoMark® Software
  • Optional Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Made in USA
  • FC20BT Breathalyzer
  • 34-litre dry gas canister
  • Wireless Thermal Printer
  • Cable
  • Printer Charger
  • Wrist Strap
  • Calibration adapter
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • Manual Suitcase style hard carrying case
  • 10 x disposable mouthpieces

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*This product contains a compressed gas canister and hazardous material fee is not included in the above price.

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