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FC20 DMS Kit (Mobile Keyboard and printer included)

FC20 DMS Kit (Mobile Keyboard and printer included)

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Mobile Thermal Printer and Keyboard included.
Data Management System (DMS) is a fully integrated solution for users to measure the subjects' breath alcohol concentration, conveniently enter their particulars and print immediately on the thermal printer.
The DMS kit is useful when you need to register a unique subject ID and/or location or batch, or user ID.

Level of Accuracy suitable for:

  • Police
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

The DMS kit marks a significant step forward in breath alcohol testing with its ease of use, fast, reliable results and superior accuracy. The Data Management System is perfect if you need to register a unique subject ID and/or location or batch, or user ID. The keyboard allows for easy toggling between menus and simple execution of commands. Portable and easy to use, Lifeloc’s DMS kit is the only alcohol testing system you’ll ever need.

The DOT approved FC20 Evidential Breathalyzer can measure Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) at ± 0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC. Results can be uploaded to a computer, printed on a mobile printer or stored on the onboard memory. It has a double pump system and a 1-inch sensor to provide highly accurate results. It also boosts Rapid testing and has a wide operating temperature. It also supports passive testing for hygiene. Lifeloc FC series has been trusted by organisations internationally.


  • U.S. DOT (NHTSA) conforming product
  • Automatic, Manual and Passive sampling modes
  • Auto-adjusting backlit LCD for excellent day or night visibility
  • EasyTab™ mouthpiece eliminates operator contact with wet-end of mouthpiece
  • Breath flow directed away from the operator
  • Fastest response and recovery times in the industry
  • Easy to understand user prompts step the operator through each test
  • Audible and Graphical breath flow and BAC level indicators
  • Exceptional battery life provides up to 6,000 tests: rechargeable or standard
  • 1" platinum fuel cell
  • 4000 Test Memory
  • Advanced security features such as password protection
  • Real-time clock for time and date stamping
  • Rugged housing meets international drop, shock and vibration standards
  • Patented Lifeloc sampling and measurement algorithms
  • Popular international language options and units of measure available
  • Keyboard option for easy data entry
  • Communications: Bluetooth or serial interface
  • Automatic calibration, calibration verification and record retention when used with Lifeloc EASYCAL® station
  • Computer interface and remote diagnostics using AlcoMark® Software
  • Optional Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Made in USA
  • FC20 Breathalyzer
  • Keyboard
  • Thermal Printer
  • Cable
  • Printer Charger
  • Wrist Strap
  • Calibration adapter
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • Manual Suitcase style hard carrying case
  • 10 x disposable mouthpieces
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