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EV30 Portable Breath Tester

EV30 Portable Breath Tester

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The EV30 is an economical entry-level breath alcohol tester designed for workplace testing.

US DOT approved and listed on the conforming products list (CPL) as an evidential breath-testing instrument.

The EV30 offers automatic operation, electronic calibration, and Lifeloc Technologies’ patented digital fuel cell technology. The EV30 guides you through everything from operation to calibration using easy to understand plain English user prompts. The EV30 has a 250 test memory is capable of storing both batch and subject IDs that are unique to each test.


  • Easy to use menu driven functions
  • Immediate response time on negative tests, under 10 seconds on positive tests
  • Large graphic LCD display with battery status indicator
  • Patented Analytical Software
  • 250 Test Memory
  • Auto Air Blank
  • Intuitive Calibration System
  • Professional Fuel-cell technology
  • Real-time clock
  • Calibration Reminder with Lockout (Programmable)
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