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EV30 Kit (Thermal Printer included)

EV30 Kit (Thermal Printer included)

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The EV30 kit pairs an EV30 evidential breath alcohol tester with our fast and compact thermal printer for fast, accurate testing results.

Convenient and affordable, the EV30 Kit promises to make workplace alcohol testing a snap. 


  • DOT/NHTSA approved
  • Three Testing Modes: Automatic, Manual and Passive Testing
  • Automatic Air Blank required for DOT evidential testing
  • Easy to Understand User Prompts
  • Fully Automated Operation, simply attach a mouthpiece and the unit is ready to test
  • Calibration Reminders and Lockout Features make following DOT protocols simple
  • Long Battery Life
  • 250 Test Memory
  • Full Sized 1" Diameter Platinum Fuel Cell
  • Computer Interface and Remote Diagnostics Using AlcoMark
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