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EV30 GK Kit (Thermal Printer and Gas canister included)

EV30 GK Kit (Thermal Printer and Gas canister included)

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An economical solution for Breath Alcohol Technicians, DOT professionals, or anyone providing workplace alcohol testing, the Lifeloc EV30 GK Kit provides everything you need to streamline your alcohol testing program.

The GK kit comes complete with an EV30 EBT, thermal printer and 34 liter dry gas tank for easy calibrations and calibration checks. All packed in a rugged carrying case, the EV30 kit allows you to test anywhere at any time for an affordable cost.


  • DOT/NHTSA approved
  • Three testing modes: Automatic, Manual and Passive Testing
  • Automatic Air Blank requires for DOT evidential testing
  • Easy to understand User Prompts
  • Fully Automated Operation, simply attach a mouthpiece and the unit is ready to test
  • Calibration Reminders and Lockout features make following DOT protocols simple
  • Long Battery Life
  • 250 Test Memory
  • Full sized 1” Diameter Platinum Fuel Cell
  • Computer Interface and Remote Diagnostic using Alcomark
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