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EASYCAL Automatic Calibration Station with Printer and Accessories

EASYCAL Automatic Calibration Station with Printer and Accessories

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EASYCAL will lower your calibration gas usage, improve record keeping and eliminate the risk of operator errors associated with performing incorrect calibrations, cal-checks and subsequent breath tests. And like your Lifeloc Breath Tester, EASYCAL is engineered with Lifeloc accuracy and reliability.

EASYCAL is compatible with all Lifeloc Evidential Breath Testers sold today and with most of our testers sold over the past few years.

For Law Enforcement and Corrections EASYCAL offers affordable and reliable remote or centralized PBT calibration. Equipment calibration activities can be standardized across many instruments and many operators. Benefits include reduced back and forth shipping costs, automated record keeping, less equipment downtime, and peace of mind for prosecutors that each and every device is automatically checked and performs to the same high standard.


  • Cylinder Expiry Lockout: Prevents the use of out-of-date gas
  • Gas Standard Override: Prevents mismatch of gas standard with your alcohol tester
  • Dry Gas Sensor: Shows the percentage of gas remaining in the tank and warns when gas is too low
  • Calibration Warning: Helps prevent an inadvertent calibration after a positive test
  • Auto Altitude Correction: Automatically checks and sets altitude correction factors
  • Security: Assign, enable or disable users and passwords
  • Sequence Software: Individual test protocols by market ensures all calibrations and cal-checks are performed and documented correctly
  • Serial Numbers: Alcohol tester serial numbers are read and stored with each cal event
  • Print Log: Logs checks and calibrations across unlimited breath alcohol testers

Price does not include shipping of gas cylinder

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