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Andatech Prodigy 2

Andatech Prodigy 2

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The Andatech Prodigy 2 Breathalyser is packed with powerful features including press-button mouthpiece release for more hygienic testing, 36,000 entries memory capacity, USB plugin, 3.2″ TFT color touchscreen, and unbeatable accuracy.

When it comes to high-volume employee testing, the Prodigy 2 breathalyzer is really the top choice when you want functionality, advanced options, and accuracy.

Highly Accurate Readings
The Andatech FXCell3 fuel cell sensor provides accurate readings within seconds. Designed for exceptional accuracy and long lifespan for high volume testing.

Fast Results and Passive Testing (Fast Mode)
Provides accurate readings, providing readings ranging from 0.000 – 0.400% at an accuracy of +/- 0.005% BAC.

Passive Testing (Fast Mode)
Get accurate BAC readings just 3 seconds after taking a sample. Passive testing mode provides even faster results when testing multiple individuals.

Clean Air Test
Before a normal test, the Prodigy 2 takes a blank air test to ensure the mouthpiece and sensor are clear of alcohol from any previous tests that may affect the next reading results.

Industrial Breathalyzer 
With a large memory capacity, built-in printer and packed with powerful functionalities, Prodigy 2 is the top choice for high-volume workplace alcohol testing where accuracy and record-keeping are crucial.

Clean and Hygienic
The Prodigy 2 breathalyzer uses replaceable, hygienic mouthpieces to provide a safe and sanitary way of testing multiple users for an accurate BAC. The breathalyzer also features a button to remove the mouthpiece from the machine without the need to touch the mouthpiece, making it one of our most sanitary breathalyzers.

Built-in GPS Function
Records the location of the alcohol breath test taken for better tracking of employee test results.

BAC Range: 0.000% - 0.400%BAC
Sensor Type: FxCell3 Fuel Cell Sensor
Accuracy: ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Warm-up Time: Within 5 seconds
Response Time: Within 2 seconds
Recycle Time: 3 seconds
Working Temperature: (-)10 – 50°C
Power Supply: Rechargeable battery pack
Mouthpieces: 1 sampling cup, 5 mouthpieces supplied (please note this unit is only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces)
Memory Capacity: 36,000 tests
Result Reading: Result readings can also be changed to the following BAC and BrAC formats. Please specify this at the time of purchase or during calibration

0.000 ~ 4.000 ‰
0.000 ~ 0.400%BAC
0~40.0 mg/100ml
0.000 ~ 2.000 mg/l BrAC
0.000 ~ 4.000 g/l

Certification: Australian Standard AS3547
Calibration Frequency: Unlimited tests, every 6 months
Display: 3.2 inch TFT Colour Touch Screen
Features: 3 decimal place reading, auto power off, passive/fast mode, memory function, designed for mass testing, built-in thermal printer, calibration reminder, extreme temperature tolerance, PC compatible
Content: User manual, 5 mouthpieces, 1 sampling cup, battery charger
Product Weight: 410g including batteries
Dimensions: H: 195mm, W: 79mm, D: 35mm

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