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ALP-1M Replaceable Sensor Module

ALP-1M Replaceable Sensor Module

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ALP-1M Fuel Cell Pre-Calibrated Sensor Module.

Just plug and the ALP-1 breathalyzer is considered calibrated.

No tools or software are needed. 

ALP-1M Sensor replaces the worn sensor and eliminates the need for recalibration. Breathalysers are precision instruments of a scientific nature that require recalibration at specific intervals. Calibration must be carried out on a regular basis at 6 or 12 months intervals depending on device specifications and used to ensure accuracy. Recalibration services are rare, expensive and involve downtime. 

The Alcoscan ALP-1 have a 12-month calibration cycle. 

This sensor is designed for the Alcoscan ALP-1M only.

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