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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS)

ALERT™ J5 Professional Breath Alcohol Tester with Bluetooth Printer

ALERT™ J5 Professional Breath Alcohol Tester with Bluetooth Printer

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Successor to the highly popular Alert J4X Breath Alcohol Tester

Comes with Bluetooth thermal printer for instant wireless printing

Level of Accuracy suitable for Alcohol Testing Professionals, Workplace testing, Police, Mines, Schools and Hospitals

The Alert J5 breath alcohol tester is an fuel cell breathalyzer that produces highly accurate alcohol test results and lets you store them in its built-in memory. It comes equipped with a mobile bluetooth thermal printer to print your results instantly

Proprietary fuel cell sensor made by ACS corp is the same type of sensor used by law enforcement agencies.
Multi-language interface allows the user to customise the the language without the need to install any firmware.
Diabetic friendly Infrared technology ignores the presence of elimilates the false positives common with other sensor technologies such as semiconductor sensors

Bluetooth Printing does not require line of sight while instantly printing test results

Passive mode eliminates the need for mouthpiece. Users hygienically blow over the breathalyzer without physical contact. While passive mode provides good accuracy when used correctly, active mode is recommended if users are not familiar with the device. Disposable mouthpieces are provided

Wide operating temperature With an operating temperature of -20 to +55°C, it has among the widest range of operating temperatures. As a result, the Alert J5 is also deployed in a warm environment such as mines and factories or cold outdoor conditions


  • DOT approved Evidential Breathalyzer
  • Test memory of up to 5000 results
  • Fuel cell sensor
  • Active testing mode (uses a mouthpiece)
  • Passing testing mode (does not require a mouthpiece)
  • Calibration recommended after 1 year


  • Alert J5 Breath Alcohol Tester
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • 5 Mouthpieces
  • Thermal Dot Matrix Bluetooth printer
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