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Alcoscan iBlow10

Alcoscan iBlow10

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Alcoscan iBlow10 is a high-quality professional device that has been designed to measure alcohol concentration in human breath using an electrochemical sensor and calculating the blood alcohol level.

With the new fuel cell sensor technology, the Alcoscan iBlow10 offers the fastest and most accurate results.

Alcoscan iBlow10 is a high-speed breathalyzer for testing drivers or industrial site workers.

It provides a long calibration cycle of 1 year.

Digital LED Display of Results of GREEN or RED bright based on a PASS or FAIL. When any amount of alcohol is detected in breath OR based on a pre-set PASS / FAIL limit depending on whether iBlow10 is ordered for industrial use or Law-enforcement use.

Sensor electrochemical fuel cell
Measurement time 5 s
Warm-up time approx.5 s
Battery life up to 5000 tests
Display 2 × three-colour LEDs
Required calibration at least once every 6 months (unlimited tests)
Mouthpieces not required
Power supply 4 × AA battery
Operating temperature 5°C ~ 40°C
Dimensions 265 x 48 x 48 mm
Weight 300 g (with battery)
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