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Alcoscan Breath Alcohol Passive Sniffer

Alcoscan Breath Alcohol Passive Sniffer

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Made in Canada, ALCOSCAN can be used with or without active participation from the test subject.

For active use, have the test subject exhale into the inlet.

For passive testing, simply hold the ALCOSCAN in the ambient environment, such as the interior of an automobile or over a beverage that potentially contains alcohol.

The flexibility of ALCOSCAN makes it perfect for:

SchoolsHospitals and Industrial safety applications.

The Alcoscan is a passive 'sniffer' alcohol tester that is able to detect the presence of alcohol without a mouthpiece. With an easy single-button operation, the user can easily perform alcohol testing in dark environments without configuration. The 'sniffer' function, known as passive mode, allows the user to detect alcohol without active participation from the subject. The ALCOSCAN uses a redesigned electrochemical sensor (fuel cell). It uses a simple Green Amber-Red display and the actual BAC values to indicate the alcohol levels. This design ensures fewer errors and eliminates the need to convert values in alternate units of measurement.

Dedicated Passive Tester The ALCOSCAN is designed to be easy to handle and is able to test for the presence of alcohol without a mouthpiece. This makes it an excellent tester to conduct mass-testing of subjects who may not want to blow into a mouthpiece.

Single Button Operation Just push a single button and in-built pump extracts a sample for analysis of alcohol content. Whether you operate the ALCOSCANwith one hand, with gloves or in dark environments, you will appreciate the easy one-button operation.

Redesigned Fuel Cell Sensor is very resilient to drift (inaccuracies that develop over time) and less frequent calibration than alcohol testers that are equipped with a semiconductor sensor.

Green-Amber-Red Display with actual BAC values gives the user an immediate indication of the alcohol level based on the colour of the indicator lights. Green indicates 0.00 to 0.019 %BAC, Amber indicates 0.02 to 0.05 %BAC while Red indicates an alcohol concentration higher than 0.05% BAC.


  • Redesigned Fuel Cell Sensor
  • Displays actual BAC values and Green-Amber-Red
  • Ergonomically designed for passive testing
  • Sensors last at least 6 months before calibration is needed*
  • Made in Canada
*When used according to the guidelines set out in the manual.


  • Alcoscan Sniffer unit
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Manual
  • Carry Pouch
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