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Alcoscan AL6000L

Alcoscan AL6000L

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The Alcoscan AL6000 Lite is a high-quality handheld, portable breath alcohol tester that is used to check a subject’s breath alcohol concentration with high accuracy. The device houses a specialized flow-rate controller to ensure accuracy.

This unit is suitable for use in the workplace.

Easy, Accurate, and Reliable

Indication of B.A.C: Normal Mode Only: 0.00 to 0.40% B.A.C. or mg/l equivalent by LED display
Accuracy: +/-0.010%BAC at 0.050%BAC
Sensor: Semiconductor type alcohol sensor
Power supply: Two 1.5V "AA" Alkaline batteries
Weight: 115g (Including batteries)
Dimension(mm): 124 (height) X 56 (width) X 41

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