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Alcoscan AL2500 Elite Personal Alcohol Tester

Alcoscan AL2500 Elite Personal Alcohol Tester

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Entry-level Personal Alcohol tester.

Approved by US Department of Transportation as an Alcohol Screener.

Level of Accuracy suitable for:

  • Corporate Gift
  • Personal detection for the presence of alcohol.
  • Ship crew looking to comply with US Coast Guard regulations with a basic tester
MOQ : 5 units

The AL2500 Elite is a basic alcohol screener which is value for money. It is suitable for consumers which want to screen for the presence of breath alcohol and for companies who want a basic alcohol screener that is on US DOT list of conforming alcohol screeners. It is not recommended for the measurement of alcohol due to its lack of mouthpiece.

Alcohol Screener is designed to detect the presence of alcohol in a breath sample.

Numeric display shows an estimate of the breath alcohol content


Economic semiconductor sensor
US DOT approved as an alcohol screener. Suitable to be used by the shipping industry to comply with US Coast Guard alcohol testing regulations with an economical product.


  • AL2500 Elite Breathalyzer unit
  • 3 x Mouthpieces
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Manual
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