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AlcoQuant 6020 Plus Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester

AlcoQuant 6020 Plus Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester

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DOT Approved as an Evidential Breathalyzer.
Manufactured in Germany by Honeywell.
Equipped with Fuel Cell sensor to provide the highest level of accuracy.
Ability to print results immediately on a mobile thermal printer.
Ability to upload results to a PC for statistical analysis, data transfer, and data logging.

Level of accuracy suitable for:

  • Police
  • Court
  • Customs
  • Workplace Screening
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Airlines
  • Trucking companies
  • Shipping
  • Rehabilitation Clinics.

The AlcoQuant 6020 Plus is the latest product manufactured by Envitec, Honeywell in Germany. Equipped with a Honeywell Fuel Cell sensor, the AlcoQuant 6020 Plus is highly popular among professional users and law enforcement agencies worldwide. It features a 3 button operation to give you access to its powerful interface. This product is particularly useful if you need to print or upload the results. The AlcoQuant 6020 Plus can store additional information such as temperature, breath volume, etc. An optional GPS addon enables the storage of GPS coordinates of the test results. AlcoQuant DataManager is the software used to upload the data to a PC. It is a powerful software and its abilities include adaptable PDF reports, statistical analysis and Excel report function. The AlcoQuant 6020 plus is able to store up to 9,999 measured values with date and time. It is also able to conduct passive testing without the mouthpiece.


  • DOT approved Evidential Breathalyzer
  • Honeywell Fuel cell sensor
  • Active testing mode
  • Mobile thermal printer connectivity
  • PC data upload with DataManager Software with adaptable PDf reports, statistical analysis, Excel export function, etc
  • Optional GPS function
  • Large memory storage up to 9,999 test results
  • Calibration recommended after 6 months
  • AlcoQuant 6020 Plus
  • 25 disposable mouthpieces
  • Hard carry case
  • User Manual
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