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Alcolizer Online User Familiarisation - LE/HH

Alcolizer Online User Familiarisation - LE/HH

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The Certified Operator training courses are for industry professionals who require more in-depth knowledge and advanced understanding of Drug & Alcohol testing equipment, best practices and technologies.

Our leading-edge training and education programs are delivered via online e-learning training and can be supplemented by Certified instructors if required.

Alcolizer’s Familiarisation training provides new operators with general knowledge and best practice guidelines for utilising Alcolizer Drug & Alcohol testing devices in their workplace.


  • HH3 Alcohol Tester Familiarisation
  • LE5 Alcohol Tester Familiarisation
  • HH3 Alcohol Tester Certified Operator
  • HH4 Alcohol Tester Certified Operator
  • LE5 Alcohol Tester Certified Operator
  • LE5 Drug Tester Certified Operator
  • Certified Specimen Screening Officer
  • Reasonable Suspicion Online Testing Training
  • Alcolizer Technology Tailored Training Packages
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