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Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester

Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester

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Advanced performance Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester (HH4) has a highly responsive electrochemical platinum fuel cell that delivers fast and accurate results in heavy industrial use as well as in law enforcement applications.

Developed for heavy-duty conditions, the Alcolizer HH4 has a robust, shock-resistant casing delivering durability and reliability in commercial, industrial and remote environments.


  • Active (Standard) mouthpiece and Passive test modes. New Alcolizer’s passive technology advancements – Pressure-Activated Passive Testing and Fast-Passive Testing
  • Advanced functionality with color screen
  • Industrial grade alcohol tester, robust and reliable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connect via AlcoCONNECT™ mobile app
  • Download capability with AlcoCONNECT™ Toolbox software
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