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Alcolizer HH3 Hand Held Series Breathalyzer

Alcolizer HH3 Hand Held Series Breathalyzer

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The Alcolizer HH3 has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial alcohol breath testing where evaluation is required in a small, rugged format suitable for flexible use around the workplace.

Alcolizer strive to supporta safe and healthy working environmentand believes the HH3 is an ideal unitfor business and industries aiming tomaintain a safe and capable workplacefor its employees.The HH3 offers a simple, accessible user interface and powerful testing capability.


  • Multi-function capability (Active Mode and Passive Mode)
  • Highly responsive mini electrochemical fuel cell
  • “Night-time” backlighting
  • Data download capability
  • Unlimited testing
  • On-screen recalibration notification
  • Rapid zero test recovery
  • Downloadable cable
  • Downloadable software
  • Leather case
  • Made in Australia
  • Certified to AS3547 Type 2
  • 24 months' warranty


  • Hand Held Series (HH3) Breathalyzer
  • HH Series Leather Cases
  • HH Series Standard Mouthpiece
  • HH Series Standard Mouthpiece (Non-Return Valve)
  • USB Cables
  • HH3 Series Vehicle Charger
  • HH3 Series Lanyard
  • 12 months' recalibration software upgrades
  • Downloadable software
  • 12 & 240 Volt Chargers
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