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AlcoHAWK Diamond Kit (PT500, PT500P, Rapidscreen)

AlcoHAWK Diamond Kit (PT500, PT500P, Rapidscreen)

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Introducing AlcoHAWK professional-grade breathalyzer kits. Designed to provide accurate results for high-volume testing.

Level of accuracy suitable for:

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Treatment Centers
  • Employee Testing

AlcoHAWK professional breathalyzers are designed with high-volume testing in mind to provide precise results and reset in seconds. These units are reliant on deep-lung air samples, for greater accuracy. With easy-to-change disposable mouthpieces and clear, accurate readings, our breathalyzers are ideal for zero-tolerance environments.


  • Two Professional Grade Breathalyzers  – one PT500P printer-enabled unit and one Rapid Screen Breathalyzer, ideal for screening many in one, continuous setting
  • Gold Star Department of Transportation (DOT) and FDA 510(k)
  • 1 Rapid Screen breathalyzer
  • 1 PT500P printer-enables breathalyzer
  • 500 mouthpieces
  • 1 portable printer with thermal paper
  • 4 AA batteries, manual/quick guide
  • 1 alcohol testing sign
  • 2 calibration certificates
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