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AL6000 (Printer Connectable) Alcoscan Sensor Replaceable Breathalyzer with Free Thermal Printer

AL6000 (Printer Connectable) Alcoscan Sensor Replaceable Breathalyzer with Free Thermal Printer

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Free thermal printer included.

No Recalibration is needed. Just purchase a Pre-Calibrated Sensor and replace the worn sensor.

Able to operate with or without dual-test technology

Level of Accuracy suitable for Mid-level Consumers, Pubs, Trucking Companies

This model of AL6000 is printer connectible and comes free with the thermal printer for the users' convenience. It features a replaceable sensor and dual-test technology.

The printer Connectible feature brings the user the benefit of printing the test results immediately on a thermal printer.

No Recalibration is needed- Simply plug in a new sensor and it will be as accurate as a brand new unit.

Dual-Test Technology- For hygiene purposes, passive testing only requires users to blow over the breathalyzer to produce indicative readings such as "warning", "moderate" and "safe". For greater accuracy, a mouthpiece may be used to blow directly into the breathalyzer.


  • Free Thermal Printer included
  • High-Quality Semiconductor Sensor
  • Dual-test Technology- normal and fast modes
  • Displays in mg/l or %BAC
  • No Recalibration ever needed
  • Sensor Cleaning Mechanism activates during power-up
  • Audible warning when high breath alcohol concentration is detected
  • Sensors last at least 300 samples before a replacement is needed
    *When used according to the guidelines set out in the manual.


  • AL6000 PC-connectible Breathalyzer unit
  • Free thermal printer
  • 5 x Free Replaceable and Reusable Mouthpieces
  • User Manual
  • Soft Carrying Pouch and Strap
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Note that the Replacement sensor is sold separately and not part of the package
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