Workplace Drug Testing - How to choose the right drug test kits?

Workplace Drug Testing - How to choose the right drug test kits?

Businesses and organizations that comply with Drug and Alcohol testing program as company policy might require the purchase of immunoassay drug test kits.

There is a variety of test kits with different specimen types, application and drugs panels available. Determining which matrix you need can have a bearing on whether the drug test kit will meet your requirements.

Choosing the specimen types:

The most common types are Oral Fluid and Urine.
Oral fluid testing has the ability to detect recent drug use, whereas urine requires the drug to metabolize after consuming which can take up to 6 – 12 hours depending on the drug and the individual metabolism.

Criteria Urine Oral Fluid
Window of Detection – A longer window of detection once the drug has metabolized – A shorter window of detection compared to urine
Specimen Collection – Controlled collection site/private restroom required
– “Shy bladder” concerns
– Easy and non-invasive
Sample Integrity – Possibility of adulteration, substitution or dilution of specimen – 100% observes collection eliminates adulteration concerns.
Results Fast, accurate results in minutes Fast, accurate results in minutes


Choosing the format:

Urine Dip Cards
These are suitable if you are looking for a cost-effective testing device.
Once urine specimen are collected in a sterilized and dry container, simply immerse the dip card vertically in the urine specimen.

Urine Test Cups
For ease of use and minimal handling of urine specimen, instant integrated urine drug test cups are a great alternative to dip cards.

1-Step Test Cups:
Once the urine specimen is collected, lid will be secured with zero exposure to the collector. Result are tested instantly.

2-Step Test Cups:
Once urine specimen is collected, test can be initiated at collector’s convenience with a unique key activator. Upon activation of the key, urine specimen will be split automatically. If test result is non-negative, specimen can be easily sent to the lab for confirmatory testing.

Oral Fluid Midstream:
Simply remove the cap and place the absorbent wick under the tongue to collect the oral fluid. Results can be read after 10 minutes.

Oral Fluid Test Cup:
Place the sponge top in the mouth and chew until it is soft. Once it is fully saturated, insert and screw into the test cup. Results can be read after 10 minutes.

Choosing the drug panels and cut-off levels:

Drug panels and cut-off levels can depend on your organization’s requirements.

Here are some of the industry standards:

Here is the full list of drug combinations available for configuration:

There are a combination of factors to consider when purchasing drug test kits. If you need recommendations for your organization, please connect with us today.

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