Safe specimen collection for drug testing during the coronavirus pandemic

Safe specimen collection for drug testing during the coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the very fabric of our society and how we all live our lives day-to-day. As the coronavirus crisis continues to impact the workplace and the economy, many businesses are focused on keeping workers and customers safe. Some safety programs—such as drug-free workplace initiatives—have become more complicated to administer.

We understand how important it is to minimise the risks involved and ensure that the health of clients, donors and collectors is protected.

Here are the measures we are carrying out to ensure that drug tests can be conducted as safely as possible.

Taking a collection from clients’ offices. We know that business is far from usual. Because many offices are shut, the facilities that might normally be used to take samples for drug testing may be unavailable or unsuitable.

Providing a clean and secure room. This can be through serviced offices or room hire. The advantage here is this can offer a higher than usual level of cleanliness without incurring extra fees for the client.

Testing in people’s homes. The need for this is assessed on a case-by-case basis and might, on occasion, be suitable. We understand that testing in people’s homes is the usual practice of other operators in this industry, but for us, the welfare of our collectors, clients and donors comes first.

“There is clearly a need to protect or minimise the risk.”

The convenience of using a private residence always needs to be very carefully weighed up against the risks. There may be a requirement for a witness to ensure the donor is correctly identified, plus it could be more challenging to ensure the hygiene levels are of an acceptably high level. We are very mindful of this additional challenge during the current health crisis. There is clearly a need to protect or minimise the risk to the donors and members of their households.

Everyone hopes that the economy returns to normal in a rapid fashion. However, we do not know when the pandemic will end or how it will continue to impact drug-testing procedures post-pandemic. It is important that companies – and the people they hire – understand what is at stake. Despite the fact that vastly more employees are working remotely and/or being furloughed, it is clear that one thing has not changed: Drug use is still not tolerated in the workplace. Drug testing must, and will, continue to take place during these exceptionally challenging times. We are endeavouring to take every possible precaution to help support clients in their Drug Testing needs.

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