Drug & Alcohol Testing - Specimen Types

Drug & Alcohol Testing - Specimen Types

Employers implement workforce drug testing programs to help prevent the misuse of alcohol and drugs by potential and existing employees.

Knowing the fundamentals is critical to executing a successful, drug-free workplace policy and program

Urine Drug Testing

A urine drug specimen is the most common specimen type for Drug & Alcohol Testing. It is the only specimen permitted for regulated drug testing programs. With specimen validating test, we ensure the integrity of a urine drug test by measuring PH, creatinine and specific gravity (when indicated)

Drugs enter body in psychedelic form and come out as a metabolite. A urine test is able to detect the metabolites and deliver a confirmatory report indicating their presence through drug-protein conjugates. Tests can be conducted instantly, or sample can be collected and send to our laboratory for more in-depth analysis.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Oral fluid testing analyses a saliva sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. Providing analysis of short-term drug abuse, an oral fluid test is used for-cause testing and post-incident testing with results detectable 30-60 minutes after ingestion.

Oral fluid tests can be conducted instantly or samples can be collected and sent to our laboratory for more in-depth analysis.

Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug testing provides the longest detection window of any specimen and is not easily tampered with. Hair shows a pattern of repetitive drug use for up to 90-days and has a long history of helping keep workplaces drug-free.

Once the sample has been collected it can be analysed to detect the presence of parent drugs and their metabolites.

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