USCG Drug Test Service

The U.S Coast Guard requires all crewmember to test for dangerous drugs.

Below is the type of drug tests required under these regulations:

Pre-employment Testing: Any individual serving as a crewmember must pass a mandated pre-employment test.
Periodic Testing: Individuals applying for various licenses, Certificates of Registry, Merchant Mariner Documents, or other Merchant Mariner Credentials (original, upgrades, renewals, etc) must pass a chemical test for dangerous drugs
Random Testing: Marine employers shall establish programs for chemically testing crewmembers for dangerous drugs on a random basis.
Serious Marine Incident Testing: Marine employers shall ensure that all persons directly involved in a serious marine incident are chemically tested for evidence of dangerous drugs and alcohol in accordance with the requirements.

USCG drug test requirements include:

  • SAMHSA Certified Laboratory
  • Licensed Medical Review Officer (MRO) to evaluate the results
  • Federal Chain of Custody
  • CG-719P paperwork

Our Drug & Alcohol testing service is catered to comply rigorously with U.S. Coast Guard DOT drug test requirements. We use only SAMHSA accredited labs and a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) to evaluate your laboratory results. Our certified collector will collect the specimen at our collection site and the specimen will be processed at a SAMHSA certified lab by an MRO. Upon completion, the drug test report and the CG-719P will be emailed.

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