New Federal Custody and Control Form Notice (August 2021)

Many workplaces conduct drug tests to ensure the maintenance of a safe environment, while other companies conduct these tests for regulatory compliance. Some common scenarios for workplace drug testing include pre-employment, post-accident, or random reasonable suspicion testing. Click here to find out more about workplace drug testing.

Ensuring the integrity of samples submitted for testing, and the accuracy of the drug-test results is of utmost importance in any of the above scenarios as the results can have life-altering consequences.

Thus, the Chain of Custody (COC) is put in place to assure all stakeholders that the integrity and accuracy of the samples and results are of the highest standards. A successful COC guarantees that the results are valid and reliable, and will be admissible in court proceedings, if necessary.

All U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-mandated drug test collections will require a new Custody and Control Form (CCF) following the expiration on August 30, 2021. With the expiration date coming soon, we put together some information to help navigate the history of this change and what immediate actions collectors, employers, and laboratories need to take. Why is taking action important? Because using expired forms will cause testing delays.

Most of the changes adopted in the revised CCF were made to accommodate the use of oral fluid specimens for the Federal drug-testing program. Oral fluid drug testing is not authorized in DOT’s drug-testing program.

As an employer, what should I be doing now?

As an employer, monitor your existing supply of ‘old CCFs’ and coordinate the delivery of the ‘revised CCF’ with your drug testing provider.


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