Did you know...

  • That if you hyperventilate (breath in and out vigorously) before a breath test, it can result in a temporary fall in 0.10mg/l? This is almost one-third of the legal limit in Singapore. 
  • If the Traffic Police takes you into the station and did a blood test or a Infrared Spectrometry of your breath sample, there is almost no way you could get yourself off the hook if you were above the legal limit.
  • That blowing into a breath alcohol tester requires some proper technique? You should inhale with your nose calmly and inflate your lungs to 80% and blow gradually over a sustained period of 4-5 seconds. A good quality breathalyzer has a deep lung sampling system.
  • You should only blow into the breathalyzer 20 minutes after you last drink , ate and smoke. Foods and drinks will give you a false reading. Residual from cigarette smoke will dramatically shorten the life of your breathalyzer.
  • The breathalyzer that the Singapore Traffic Police uses is the Lion SD400.
  • In France, the Law requires every driver to be equipped with a breath alcohol tester.
  • At 0.35mg/l, Singapore has the highest legal limit in the world.
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