Calibration Service

All breathalyzers require regular calibration to ensure its accuracy. Sensor aging, dirt particles, food and saliva accumulates in the breath alcohol tester over time and can cause inaccuracies in the results.

We provide calibration services at our lab in Singapore and we serve consumers and industries (shipping, clinics, mines, etc) in Singapore and Malaysia.

Same day On-site Service (Singapore)   Calibration Certificate Singapore
Price: $300  
Number of Calibration: 1  
Calibration Certificate (PDF): $50  
One Off Package  
Price: $100 or $150  
Number of Calibration: 1  
Calibration Certificate (PDF): $50  
2 Years Package  
Price: $200  
Number of Calibrations: 2  
Calibration Certificate (PDF): $50 each  
3 Years Package  
Price: $300  
Number of Calibraitons: 3  
Calibration Certificate(PDF): $50 each  

Included Services:

  • Yearly Email Reminder
  • Free Return Postage
  • 5 days Calibration Service
  • Phone Support
  • Same Day Email Support
  • Cash, Cheque, Internet Transfer, PayPal Payment or Telegraphic Transfer.


Calibration Certificate

Calibration certificates contain the calibration date, calibration data and product serial number of the breath alcohol tester. Original certificates are commonly used by Airline, Healthcare, Transportation, and the Shipping industries users to show that the equipment is recently and properly calibrated to ensure the defensibility of the results. Original calibration certificates are available for $75 per copy. Request for original certificates must be done during the purchase of the breath alcohol tester or during calibration.


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