Breath Alcohol Technician Training



The US Department of Transportation requires training for all technicians performing DOT breath alcohol tests. With over sixty years experience in breath alcohol detection, our company offers training solutions to meet the mandates of the Federal Regulations. We offer comprehensive DOT Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Training.



Classroom Courses: If you prefer traditional classroom training, you can join one of the scheduled courses included in our National Training Schedule. If you have a number of employees to train, we can also train at your location. Whether you join others in a class or schedule one just for your company, classroom training allows all of the attendees to share experiences and offers a rich learning environment.


We know that funding can be very tight, especially when it comes to training. By offering web options, Train-the-Trainer courses and multiple instrument training, we can help you keep your costs low without compromising the quality of the training. Quality of training is measured by what you learn, so it is our mission to provide valuable knowledge that will make your job easier.

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