Alcohol Countermeasure Systems

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  • ACS Mouthpiece (Oval)


    Special hygienic design for use with the G series interlocks and DRIVESAFE testers.

    Bag of 25 pieces.

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  • ACS Mouthpiece (Round)


    Popular ergonomic design for use with most breath alcohol testers. Features a sputum trap to protect the device from excess moisture.

    Bag of 25 pieces.

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  • ALCOLAB™ Coin Operated Public Vending Breath Alcohol Tester


    Made in Canada, ALCOLAB is a coin-operated breath alcohol tester designed for public use in bars, restaurants or anywhere alcohol is consumed. It provides police-grade accuracy and a new user-friendly operation process to ensure users can conveniently self-administer their own alcohol tests with confidence. With absolutely no inventory to maintain, ALCOLAB makes a profitable addition to coin-operated vending businesses, bars or restaurants.

    Use it anywhere:

    . Bars. Nightclubs
    . Restaurants. Construction sites
    . Hospitals. High schools
    . Colleges & Universities. Penitentiaries
    . Sports arenas. Airports
    . Event Halls. Casinos
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  • ALCOLAB™ Testpoint


    ALCOLAB testpoint is a sleek tablet breathalyzer ideal for any function where alcohol is served.

    It provides user‑friendly operation and professional‑grade accuracy, allowing users to confidently self-administer breath alcohol tests.

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  • ALCOLOCK™ V3, Alcohol Interlock


    ALCOLOCK V3 inhibits vehicle operation if the driver has been drinking. Engineered to withstand the vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures, it can be installed in any motorized equipment, including trucks, ships, trains, and heavy machinery.

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  • Alcoscan Breath Alcohol Passive Sniffer


    Made in Canada, ALCOSCAN can be used with or without active participation from the test subject.

    For active use, have the test subject exhale into the inlet.

    For passive testing, simply hold the ALCOSCAN in the ambient environment, such as the interior of an automobile or over a beverage that potentially contains alcohol.

    The flexibility of ALCOSCAN makes it perfect for:

    SchoolsHospitals and Industrial safety applications.

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  • ALCOSENTRY™ Alcohol screening system


    ALCOSENTRY alcohol screening system ensures dangerous and sensitive materials are secure. Designed for safety-sensitive industries with high volume screening requirements, ALCOSENTRY is fully automated and non-invasive.

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  • ALERT™ J4X Portable Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester


    Made in Canada. The ALERT J4X portable evidential breath alcohol tester is trusted by law enforcement professionals worldwide. At its heart is our highest quality Electrochemical Sensor (Fuel Cell). It uses one button to control power, testing, history recall and calibration. This premium tester is DOT APPROVED and suitable for any professional alcohol testing application.

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  • ALERT™ J5 Professional Breath Alcohol Tester with Bluetooth Printer


    Successor to the highly popular Alert J4X Breath Alcohol Tester.

    Manufactured in Canada, the Alert J5 is a fuel cell breathalyzer packed with useful features including active/passive sampling, a large log-storage capacity and Multi-language display

    Comes with bluetooth thermal printer for instant wireless printing.

    Level of Accuracy suitable for

    Alcohol Testing Professionals, Workplace testing, Police, Mines, Schools and Hospitals

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  • DRIVESAFE™ Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

    • US DOT and LNE certified
    • Made in Canada
    • Equipped with Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor

    Level of Accuracy suitable for:
    Consumers who want an alcohol tester that is certified for its reliability and accuracy.

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  • SAF’IR™ Evolution Infrared Breath Alcohol Tester With Printer


    Handheld infrared spectrometry alcohol tester.

    Infrared technology provides the highest level of accuracy among all alcohol breath testing technologies.

    OIML and LNE certified.

    Recommended for:

    Law Enforcement applications

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