Blood test to determine Alcohol use (PEth Testing)

Testing for alcohol misuse has long been standard in the context of Family Law Courts and safety-critical work roles such as Aviation or Transportation. With more employers adopting workplace drugs and alcohol testing, alcohol monitoring is becoming more common in the workplace.

What is PEth Testing? 
A PEth blood test measures the level of phosphatidylethanol, a direct alcohol biomarker that is found in human blood following alcohol consumption. It is a very specific alcohol biomarker and provides the highest sensitivity for detecting current regular alcohol consumption. PEth Testing provides detection of alcohol abuse with 99% sensitivity (far higher than traditional blood testing methods), and it is not affected by medications, illnesses, previous drinking habits, age or the health of the donor. It is one of the most accurate ways to test for Alcohol, making alcohol monitoring easier and more reliable.

PEth testing is particularly effective in determining Alcohol Abuse for Family Law matters, Child Custody cases or drink drinking violations. 

The collection process 
The collection process uses a finger prick device, and several blood drops are collected in a specially designed collection kit. The kit can be transported at room temperature. A fully trained collector will guide the donor through the process and complete the chain of custody and identification checks.

What is the detection window for PEth Testing?
The detection window for PEth Testing is up to 28 days. 

Incidental exposure 
Research has indicated that a PEth test can differentiate between incidental exposure (such as hand sanitiser) and the intentional consumption of Alcohol. Furthermore, the alcohol level required to be consumed to produce a positive reading on a DNA Legal test is far higher than any level possible through incidental exposure. 

Our experienced collection teams are on-hand to make specimen collection as quick and comfortable as possible, and our laboratory partner is ready to offer expert analysis and answers to your questions throughout your case. 

Besides blood alcohol testing, we offer other alcohol testing solutions, including instant breath tests, urine, oral fluid and hair testing. Please reach out to us for more information.  

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