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SgBreathalyzers - Singapore's Largest Selection for breath alcohol testers

Established in March 2008, SgBreathalyzers is the Singapore's largest retailer of breath alcohol testers, offering over 5 different product lines. Our products range from Law Enforcement products, professional products and some come with accuracy certificates such as the DOT/NHTSA certificate.

Who buys from SgBreathalyzers?

Our aim is to supply breathalyzers to customers who want an accurate device and expects a responsive service from us. We provide 24hours reply guaranteed email response to your queries submitted through our website. Our customers are consumers, police agencies, marine industry, mines, advertisement companies, workplace screening, hospitals, probation clinics and DOT professionals.

How do our breathalyzers compare with those used by the Singapore Traffic Police

Law enforcement agencies use fuel cell breathalyzers. The Singapore Traffic Police uses Lion Laboratory SD400 to conduct breath alcohol testing during roadblocks and ring fencing operations around Singapore. While we do not retail that specific model, we have the Draeger 6510 and Lifeloc FC20 breathalyzer which are commonly used by local authorities around the US and Europe. Naturally these models are expensive and are suited for law enforcement and industry uses. For consumers who want an accurate breathalyzer that uses the same type of technology that the Police use, we have a wide range of fuel cell breathalyzers. With proper use and calibration, our fuel cell breathalyzers produce an equivalent level of accuracy as the Police breathalyzers without paying for unnecessary equipment such as printers and additional mouthpieces that come with Police breathalyzers.

Why do people own breathalyzers?

Everyone has a different reason for using a breathalyzer. You could test yourself before you drive to ensure you are safe to drive. Some people use it to test their spouses or children for alcohol consumption and this can be useful in cases of alcoholism addiction. Getting caught for drink driving may cost you your job because you know no longer drive. Your reputation could be at stake when employers know that you have a criminal record. Companies want to ensure the safety of the workers by making sure they work in an alcohol-free environment.  

Authorised Dealer

As an authorised dealer, all our products come with 1 year warranty that is guaranteed by the manufacturer. We also offer you a professional level of service because we are passionate about breath alcohol testing and we have operated as a retailer for breathalyzers since 2008. Accuracy and the defensibility of the results are very important to operators and we calibrate the products to keep them accurate. We hope you will buy from us so you purchase will be simple, easy and well supported by our team of professional staff.

Responsive Customer Service before and after your purchase

We genuinely welcome your enquiry. Send us a message and we will respond within 24 hours. We can help you with selecting the correct item based on your needs. If you have trouble getting a result, we could explain to you what you should do before and during a test to ensure errors are minimised. After you have purchased, we will keep in touch with you to ensure your items remain accurate.

Easy and Secure online purchase

Payment is safe and easy. We accept PayPal, Singapore cheques and internet banking transfers. If you got a credit or debit card, simply select PayPal during the checkout and you will be brought to PayPal’s website and you can select 'do not have a PayPal account' to pay. Your credit card information will be kept securely with PayPal. 

Still unsure? Leave us a message and we can help.

Calibration Services

Our calibration laboratory is fully equipped with wet bath simulators and alcohol solutions. Our technicians are here to help you with calibrating your breathalyzers. Standard calibration typically costs $80. For urgent requests, we offer same day and onsite calibration service for an additional fee of $230. Some of our products feature a precalibrated sensor module which only requires sensor replacement.

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